Wedding cake, duct tape, and a National Park

Monday, July 2, 2012

If you were anywhere near Puyallup in June of '09, you will likely remember the following incident:

The night before our wedding, Paul was drug from his bed in the middle of the night by 5 of his (former?) best friends. In nothing but his boxers, he was bound and gagged with duct taped and thrown into the trunk of a rental car. A couple miles down the road, he was dumped on the side of the road and left to his own devices. Ever resourceful, he fashioned some shoes from the duct tape he managed to yank off and walked home in his skivvies and new shoes, already planning his revenge.

Fast forward three years, and almost all of the original crew has married (one was smart and eloped). At each subsequent wedding, the pranks have escalated to involving alcohol (of course), sub-zero temperatures, snow drifts, and more.

Here's one of the gang getting loaded up the night before he said "I do"
Which brings us to this past weekend, and the marriage of the last remaining amigo. I would be lying if I said we drove to Utah in order to attend a wedding. In fact, we drove to Utah so that Paul could avenge himself on the last of the friends who accosted him three years ago (that would be the one holding the duct tape with the delighted look on his face). Years of friendship notwithstanding, nothing would have kept Paul from that wedding and the opportunity to get revenge.

During the 48 hours we were there, this friend was--predictably--attacked the night before his wedding. Clad much the same as Paul was the night before our wedding, he found himself duct taped to a road sign inside of Zion National Park at around 2am (I hear there are lots of bears there) with nothing but a dull knife. A few hours later, only a little worse for the wear, he made his way home, laughed it off and got ready for his big day, safe in the knowledge that the worse of it was over. Which was why he was probably really surprised when, just a few hours before the wedding, he found himself once again stripped down, duct taped, and thrown in the back of a truck. This time he got luckier, though, and was dumped on the porch of his future in-laws while they were enjoying brunch.

(Note: pictures not suitable for general audiences)

BUT: Everyone followed the "no harm above the neck" rule, and soon enough he and his bride were married in a beautiful ceremony overlooking the forest and canyons at the edge Zion National Park. I didn't get to participate in the horseplay, but I did enjoy cake and dancing so I suppose the trip was worth it for all of us =)

Holding up my dress

This stud was the best man. He remembered the ring, made a great speech, and got the groom to the wedding on time, so I am compelled to say that he is a pretty darn good one.

The morning of the wedding, we took a brief trip into Zion National Park. It was CROWDED, but we made the best of it (and plans to go back in the spring).

I think tad poles are adorable

There are more trees in this picture than in all of Tucson.

We are thinking we would like to go back to Zion next spring when it is less crowded, and maybe stop at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and see Bryce Canyon as well. Or anywhere else with trees and water, for that matter. In the mean time, it is back to cacti and succulents. Until next time, trees.


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