Third Trimester (finally!)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Far Along: 28 weeks
(Do you remember when you were a little kid and you weren't eight, you were eight and a half? That's kind of like being pregnant for me. I'm not 7 months along -- I am 28 weeks + 3 days, and there are 81 days until I am due!)

Size of baby:I had an ultrasound today because I was measuring small at my appointment on Tuesday and hadn't gained any weight since last month. Turns out that baby is growing just fine. At 2 pounds and 12 ounces, she is actually  slightly heavier than average, so no worries there (I think she just burns through all the calories I eat before I can get any for myself)! She wasn't cooperating enough to get a very accurate length measurement, but around 15 inches. Still has long, skinny feet. I can't believe how big she is already!

Maternity Clothes: Yep! So glad it is finally getting cold enough to wear leggings!!

Movement: And lots of it! Her new trick is to pop my bellybutton out! Sometimes she will repeatedly kick under it and what is left of my innie becomes a temporary outie. It is really funny to watch. 
Sleep: I don't want to jinx myself ... but I have been sleeping really well the past week or two, better than I have slept this entire past 7 months! I think it is because she has turned sideways so her head is no longer bouncing off of my bladder all night long. 
What I miss: I'm pretty happy right now. I can't reach my toes very well any more, but that's just a good excuse to get a pedicure!

Cravings: Still chocolate chip cookies...preferably a la mode. Yummmm!

Symptoms:Heartburn, big belly... but feeling pretty good this week over all. Still getting lots of contractions every day, but as long as they aren't causing cervical changes, I'm not supposed to worry.
Best Moment this week: A great ultrasound today! I had the nicest technician. She spent so much time trying to get this kid to cooperate and show her face...but without much luck. Still so great to see her cute little self and know that she is growing really well and seems content to stay in for a good while longer. 

And now for some ultrasound pictures! She was pretty squished in there and the images don't necessarily make a lot of sense if you don't know what you are looking at, so I labeled a few of them. We weren't able to get a cute profile shot, but we got a few partial peeks of the front of her face between her legs (as well as further confirmation that she is a girl!) and a quick view of her little feet.
These are her two little feet, one kind of on top of the other, toes on the left.

 I'm so happy to know that our little girl is growing well and to get cleared to travel for the holidays! We are super excited to go home and see our families. And also to eat Christmas cookies =)

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