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Thursday, January 31, 2013

...not my own pictures, of course. That would be waaaaaay too much work. Stealing funny pictures off of Pinterest is much more my style these days!
 Ah, the bed. The place where sleeping happens...theoretically. Paul claims that I am the worst person ever to sleep with right now. He cracked up when I showed him this picture. I can't argue with him, though: I see what the bed looks like in the morning -- and all night long, for that matter, because I am awake. I am constantly waking up because something is numb, some new shooting pain, acid reflux, hot flashes, or because I need three more pillows. Or of course because of:

...potty breaks. All. Night. Long.

 Paul and I have been going to Birth Classes at my midwives' office. We aren't sure if they are useful or not, but the videos sure are interesting. I'm glad I won't be able to see any of that business from my end.

Much like this camel, I am now entering the phase of, "Could that be a sign that labor is near??" The answer, of course, is always: could be, but who knows? Because of course it isn't really that predictable, especially when you've never done it. But when you are desperate to feel decent again (again? did I ever feel well?), your mind just goes there.

35+ weeks

I don't know if I'll do any more of those formatted updates. Long story short, I am pregnant.  Very pregnant, and very uncomfortable. If I can feel it, it hurts. I pee constantly. Walking hurts...but so does sitting...and lying down gives me heartburn...wah wah wah. As uncomfortable as I am, though, I am finding myself surprisingly emotionally ok with everything. I remember back in August, when I was throwing up ALLLLLL day long regardless of how much Zofran I took, Paul would come home from work and I would start sobbing about how I just couldn't possibly feel sick for an entire nine months. But now, the finish line is near....really I think I *might* just possibly make it =) I am getting pretty darn excited to meet this baby, and it is encouraging to know that the aches and pains mean her arrival is getting closer! I think we are about as "ready" as we will ever be, so ... I just keep counting down! 32 days until my due date!

Coming soon: nursery pictures and an update on us moving.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We are home from our trip to the Northwest! Since I think I saw all four people who read this blog while I was there, I'll spare the details, but we had a great time. It was wonderful to spend time with our families and relax, to see real trees and breath moist air, and to catch up with a few friends. With that said, it was also really nice to come back to the desert and see blue skies and put on sandals.

After just two weeks in Washington, our Vitamin D levels were getting low so went to Sabino Canyon our first weekend back. There was a lot of water flowing and the trees still think it is fall, which made for a really beautiful walk.

Now we are settling back into our old routine. Or rather, Paul is settling back into his old routine, and I am settling into my new one, which involves a lot of sleeping and complaining about my back. In fact, every day is more or less the same, just with a few subtle variations, some more absurd than others. Kind of like a game of Mad Libs...

 Ok, so maybe I have a little spare time on my hands. But seriously, that is what I do all day. I need to get my rear in gear, though, because I actually have a hefty list of things I need to get done in the next few weeks to (try to) prepare for this little girl's arrival, and I am pretty sure that I am only going to get more uncomfortable as time goes on. Hopefully I'll have something more productive to report to you next time I get on here.

Anyway, here is the latest, big fat belly and all!


How Far Along: 32 weeks. Only 8 weeks to go! Or hopefully closer to 7. Or 6 1/2.

Size of baby:Hard to know exactly, but based on the amount of weight I've gained, I'm going to go ahead and guess that she is getting pretty big. Somewhere around 17 inches long and 3-4lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Yes, when I'm forced to leave the house. But really I prefer sweats and pajamas.

Movement: She has discovered my ribs. Ouch.

Sleep: Can't get enough of it. I don't know if I am getting sick, if it is from my pertussis booster shot, or if it is just a "third trimester thing," but I am absolutely exhausted. I slept for 12 hours last night and took a nap this afternoon...and I am still tired.
What I miss: Bending over and all that goes with it (shaving, putting on shoes, getting things from low cabinets, not having nasty toe nails, etc), and not having someone's feet in my ribs.

Cravings: Sleep!

Symptoms:Fatigue, heartburn, sore hips/back/ribs...the normal stuff. I'm also becoming more forgetful. The other day, I put on my makeup, finished, and then started all over again. I didn't realize it until I was about to put on mascara the second time. I'm sure I looked like a clown. But it is balanced out by the fact that I apparently misplaced my makeup yesterday (even though I never take it out of the bathroom) and can't find it today. But I did find the milk in the kitchen cupboard. And then I checked the fridge for my makeup, but it wasn't there.
Best Moment this week: I met our pediatrician today. She is super nice and I feel really comfortable with her and everyone at the practice, but it was weird to go to a pediatrician's office! Baby's arrival is starting to seem more real.

(Sorry if the spacing/formatting is is being goofy and won't let me fix it)

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