Photo Dump

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I have a ton of photos on my phone that don't really belong to any big post, but that I love for various reasons. I am working on a couple of bigger posts, but they aren't ready quite yet. In the meantime, I give you these, which more or less tell the story of what we have been up to lately. Or, more accurately, what I have been up to, since I don't have any pictures of Paul working 16 hours a day (poor guy).

This is the farmer's market near our house. The prices are good and the quality is great.  We love it there, so I don't know why we don't go more often. Oh, right -- it's not air conditioned. 


We have been making an effort to find more indoor activities for the weekends since it is so hot here. We checked out the Biodome 2 not too long ago.  (Just to be clear, it is called "Biodome 2" because Earth is the original Biodome. If you take the tour, don't ask that question or they will look at you funny because the answer is so obvious.)

 This is inside Biodome2. They have recreated most of the biomes on earth so they can manipulate variables and study climate change and such. It is pretty neat, but not necessarily $20-per-person neat. I say if they really want to make it popular, they need to make an arctic biome- I would totally pay to visit that!


 This is my little cousin Stevie tying my brother Ryan up while he climbed. We got to spend some time with the family in July, although sadly I don't have a lot of pictures from that time.
 This is Stevie "reading"  to her "baby brother."
 I have definitely missed this view.

 My family is fostering a baby rabbit until it is old enough to be spayed and adopted. The dog and the bunny have to have supervised visits for obvious reasons.
 Love this little bunny, but Paul wouldn't let me take her home.


 My cousin, who now lives in Phoenix, had a baby a few weeks ago. Her sisters came to visit for the weekend, so I drove up to see everyone. It was such a treat to spend time with all of them!! We all grew up together and don't see each other nearly enough anymore.

This is precious baby Axel. I love this picture because he was just discovering his tongue and playing with it. Around the time of this photo he blew a big raspberry on accident. He spit all over me and startled himself. He is adorable!


These are my friends' dogs. I got to do some puppy-sitting for them for a little bit, and they kept me on my toes and laughing.



Well, like I said, I have a few big posts in the works, which I will hopefully be able to post in the next week. Stay tuned 'cause they are worth the wait  =)

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